Division of Molecular Sciences (Master's Course)

  • Human resources development objective

    This division provides students with education and research programs that enable them to understand the essence of the structure, physical properties and reactions of all substances on the molecular level, and that clarify the basic principles of the various chemical behaviors of these substances. Graduates of this division are expected to become highly creative researchers capable of undertaking the most advanced research, ranging from basics to application, and professionals who can fully exhibit their capabilities in various other sectors of society, including education.

    Educational goals

    This division educates students to accomplish the following goals:

    1. Expertise in chemistry and substances.
    2. Basic research capability in the field of expertise and acquisition of presentation skills.
    3. Ability to think logically from an international perspective
    4. Reinforced power of action for social contribution.


    Admission policy

    This division admits students willing to tackle various problems in a new area, using the broad spectrum of knowledge acquired during their undergraduate years, and educates them through research activities in the field of expertise.

    Undergraduate course forming the basis of this division