Division of Applied Chemistry (Master's Course)

Human resources development objective

Creation of chemical compounds with new features makes our future life more comfortable and sustainable. This division cultivates researchers, technology developers and entrepreneurs who can create materials and functions that benefit society. To reach this objective, this division provides students with various education and research programs including basic research on inorganic, organic and biological molecules; the development of synthesis/reaction processes; material science that deals with the optical and magnetic characteristics of materials; and the application of accomplished results to biomedical materials and biotechnology.

Educational goals

This division provides students with education and research programs necessary for acquiring expertise and professional skills in physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and other related academic studies, covering the entire field of chemistry. We also develop researchers and engineers who are able to:

  1. Consider the role of chemistry from the global perspective of the happiness and welfare of mankind, and become conscious of contributing to the progress of society based on the ethical views of researchers and engineers.
  2. Meet high levels of social/technical needs by taking advantage of their own expertise and professional skills.
  3. Write, deliver presentations and communicate logically in both Japanese and English.
  4. Collect information in the same research field, draw up research plans and proceed with the research continuously on their own initiative.

Admission policy

This division admits individuals who have acquired basic knowledge of applied chemistry, and who have strong enthusiasm for conducting research to develop technologies in this field.

Undergraduate course forming the basis of this division