Division of Electronic and Information Systems Engineering (Master's Course)

Human resources development objective

This division educates students to further increase the basic expertise they acquired during undergraduate years, as well as to cultivate their problem-spotting capability, communication skills and other basic skills essential for engineers. In addition, students are trained to acquire expertise and skills in electrical and electronic engineering, information technology and communication network engineering, together with knowledge of other related fields of expertise, so that they become internationally valuable human resources capable of demonstrating their competence in investigation, problem solving and research/development.

Education goal

This division educates students in the expertise and techniques involved in special fields of electrical and electronic engineering, information technology, and communication network engineering, to develop them as engineers or researchers capable of:

  1. Seeing things from a global perspective.
  2. Exercising design and presentation skills in their professional engineering field.
  3. Deepening their knowledge in related fields and strengthening their power to act for social contribution.

Admission policy

  1. Individuals who, during undergraduate years, have acquired basic expertise, the ability to explore problems, communication skills and other grounding required of engineers.
  2. Individuals who are deeply interested in electronic and information systems engineering and wish to acquire knowledge, detect and resolve problems associated with this technology.
  3. Students who are also interested in other fields outside electronic and information systems engineering, and wish to expand their knowledge and field of view.
  4. Individuals who enjoy exerting their originality and ingenuity.
  5. Individuals who seek to use their knowledge and capabilities for social contribution.

Undergraduate courses forming the basis of this division