Division of Earth Science (Master's Course)

Human resources development objective

This division focuses on understanding the mechanism of geological history, spatial structure and interaction between atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere and biosphere. Through these activities, this division provides advanced knowledge to students, training them as researchers and engineers who can undertake fieldwork with advanced technology.

Educational goals

This division educates students to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Ability to apply the wide spectrum of knowledge of fundamental science learned during the undergraduate course, so as to understand various phenomena on the Earth.
  2. Ability to discover problems during field surveys and experiments, and resolve those problems.
  3. Ability to effectively present research results and to communicate with overseas experts.
  4. Ability to consider natural hazards and global environment issues, and to explore for natural resources.


Admission policy

In this division, students come to understand the essential laws of various natural phenomena in the Earth system ,as well as to learn the history of the Earth. To accomplish these objectives, we welcome students who have acquired basic and integrated academic skills in their undergraduate course and who can study logically and flexibly.

Undergraduate course forming the basis of this division