Division of Biological Science (Master's Course)

  • Human resources development objective

    This division provides students with education and research programs necessary for clarifying the basic principle of life phenomena by analyzing the construction and function of living things on the molecular and cellular levels, thereby contributing to the global-scale conservation of biosphere and the sustainable development of human beings. In particular, this division cultivates human resources having broad vision, high-level research capabilities, and diverse creativity.

    Educational goals

    This division educates students to accomplish the following goals:

    1. Expertise in basic life science, ranging from molecules to individuals.
    2. Ability to think profoundly in the field of expertise and acquisition of presentation skill.
    3. Ability to approach problems from a broad perspective; reinforcement of the power of action for social contribution.


    Admission policy

    This division admits students strongly interested in resolving various life phenomenon-related problems through optimal use of the knowledge of natural science they have acquired during their undergraduate years. We also admit individuals who are willing to deepen their expertise and conduct creative research.

    Undergraduate course forming the basis of this division