Division of Mechanical and Systems Engineering (Master's Course)

Human resources development objective

This division cultivates engineers and researchers who can play key roles in industry by fully demonstrating their professional competence, problem posing/solving ability and leadership. Their up-to-date knowledge of mechanical and systems engineering, linguistic ability and design ability will be particularly prominent in planning, designing and manufacturing high-tech-intensive products. Moreover, they will be able to combine their expertise with extensive knowledge in other fields, to develop or apply engineering systems from a broad perspective.

Educational goals

This division gives students the expertise and techniques of mechanical and systems engineering, developing them as engineers or researchers capable of:

  1. Further deepening, on their own, the fundamental expertise they acquired during their undergraduate years, together with the communication skills and other grounding essential for engineers.
  2. Exercising creativity based on the most advanced research results and knowledge.
  3. Contributing to the development of regional and global societies from broad global and highly ethical standpoints.

Admission policy

This division admits students who have acquired basic expertise and high-level education, are keenly interested in the development and application of machines and engineering systems, and aim to become high-ranking mechanical systems engineers or researchers who can contribute to the development of both local and global society.

Undergraduate course forming the basis of this division