Division of Mathematics and Physics (Master's Course)

Human resources development objective

  We develops graduates who can work internationally using rational ways of thinking through the study of mathematics and physics having higher levels of research capabilities.

Educational goals

    This division educates students to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Expertise and fundamental understanding of mathematics and physics.
  2. Research capabilities including presentation skills in Mathematics and Physics.
  3. Capability to think logically, from an international perspective.

Admission policy

  This division gives students fundamental and broad knowledge of mathematics and physics, ranging from basics to application, in order to develop them as human resources with a wide, interdisciplinary perspective and the ability to keep pace with the progress of natural science. From the above perspective, our graduates are able to think logically, who are interested in physical phenomena, and to become highly skilled professionals, researchers teachers and professors.

Undergraduate courses forming the basis of this division