Our mission

Philosophy of the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology

  1. We will provide impetus to the development of academic culture and intellectual structural reform that will contribute to industrial restructuring in the Okayama area, thereby leading to improvement of local social infrastructure and culture.
  2. We will strengthen our research capabilities in priority academic fields by inquiring into every phenomenon and aspect from the fundamental perspective. In particular, we will disclose creatively new and universal ideas and principles, to enhance the international reputation of Okayama University.
  3. At our graduate school, many researchers are working with keen interest in both basics and applications. We will make the most of this advantage in contributing to the progress and restructuring of industries in the Okayama area, including the Setouchi Industrial Area.
  4. Through our high level of education and research, we will cultivate human resources that can play a key role in promoting the advance of science and technology.

Aim of the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology

We aim to develop a high level of human resources that can increase intellectual properties by finding basic principles and undertake application researches of highly versatile, globally competitive technologies in the 21st century. They are expected to yield the world’s most advanced and universally effective scientific and technical achievements in Japan, and to apply such achievements to the continuous advance of industry, thereby contributing to the development of humankind.

Objective of the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology

  1. We will carry out application researches and long-ranging basic researches in a balanced manner.
  2. We will actively recruit young researches through international competition, to increase the competence of human resources.
  3. We will build an agile and flexible research and education system, that can respond dynamically to the steady advance of science and technology.