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Division of Medical Bioengineering

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Department of Medical Bioengineering

With the aim of easing hitherto increasing public responsibilities in the areas of nursing, medical care and social welfare provision in what is and will continue to be an ageing society, this division facilitates – through R&D activities - the evolution of new medical technologies that improve patient care and quality-of-life. It develops information and communication technologies, diagnostic technologies, and pharmaceutical technologies, and is aiming to establish a new academic framework compatible with current cutting-edge approaches to sustainable development.

《Design of Biofunctional Molecules》Working at the interface between chemistry and biology, we are conducting interdisciplinary research into biodynamic molecule function in order to develop revolutionary new biotechnologies for use in agriculture and human / veterinary medicine.

《Single Molecule Biology》Single molecule measurement of ion channel proteins, development of sensor devices, and functional analysis of insecticidal toxins. Application of the related technologies to medical field.


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《Applied Cell Biology》We are focusing on the intracellular signal transduction system in eukaryotic cells and drug development as well as functional analysis of immune cells and its application to treatment of disease.


《Biomaterials Engineering》Design of ceramic-based biomaterials in terms of chemical bonds or atomic, molecular, and crystal structures, and their biomedical applications

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《Biomolecular Engineering》Design of artificial biomolecules, and their biomedical application. Cell technology and molecular cell biology related to functional RNAs.

《Medical Protein Engineering》Development of protein engineering technology for efficient recombinant protein expression, and functional analysis with protein chemistry approach. We study these novel techniques to apply medical engineering area.

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《Nano-Biotechnology》We focus upon the novel pathological and oncological models in vitro and in vivo on the basis of molecular and cellular specific functions. Establishment of strategic therapy based on the models is also our focus.

《Organelle Systems Biotechnology》Research interests: Diseases caused by defects of intracellular trafficking, Regulation of organelle morphology and function, Drug discovery for regulating intracellular trafficking

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《Human Centric Information Processing》Researches to understand human behavior through life log, speech and human interface by applying probabilistic model, machine learning, Bayesian statistical inference and compressed sensing, and service creations to support people using the obtained knowledge.

《Information Network Technologies for Medical Engineering》Performance analysis and evaluation technologies of computer networks and communication protocols, technologies for making them highly reliable and functional, and application of the technologies to medical area

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《Advanced Electro Measurement Technology》We are developing a various type of innovative “Sensing” devices and systems.
Our recent interests include "non-destructive measurement for industrial architectures," "high-sensitive magnetometers using HTS-SQUID," and "Laser-excited terahertz systems for bio-sensing."

《Interface Systems》Technologies related with human-machine interfaces and robotics to cooperate with a person (people) and to support human activities and their applications to medical and nursing support systems.


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《Cognitive Neuroscience》Study on neural substrates of human cognition using cognitive psychological and neuroimaging approaches, develop new applications for medical welfare.

Cortical brain activation of tactile angle matching. IFS, inferior frontal sulcus; CS, central sulcus; poCS, postcentral sulcus; IPS, intraparietal sulcus; CingS, cingulated sulcus.


Tactile cognitive tester for Alzheimer’s Disease early detection.

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